About Me

So, let’s start here (check all that apply):

I am here because I…

  1. Need help creating whole food meals for the family, quickly
  2. Want to learn how the most effective and cutting edge techniques for customizing your own nutrition plan to restore the body.
  3. Want to improve your body composition, while feeling confident in your techniques to create sustainable weight loss.
  4. Really want to tap into the power of naturally nourishing and restoring the body but want to automate your kitchen system to create delicious meals your entire family will love while helping you lose weight.
  5. Want to KNOW how you can hack your genetic code to have the body of your dreams, while learning the latest techniques and strategies

Good News, my friend!

There is no wrong answer.

If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right spot.

I am Shannon hansen, It’s my goal to help you hack your genetic code to help you achieve Sustainable Wellness and optimize your life that will help you can live a long healthy lifestyle- so you can add decades to your life.


I am known by most of my clients as “in the trenches” coach because I am all about sharing the “how” behind the “scenes” of what it looks like to have a family, run a business all while feeding my family healthy and whole foods. When you work with me, you’re never left to figure things out on your own.

We are a team!

Here’s who I really am.

I am a self-proclaimed “nutrition geek” who is completely addicted to learning the latest and greatest information on nutrition and how to use the power of food to restore the body.

I could talk body talk, weight loss, and the power of using real food to restore the body all day, every day.

I have used a unique hair analysis to better understand my body and how to use food and nutrition to restore the normal metabolic functions in my body.

My passion for helping individual optimize their life whether it be getting rid of chronic pain, inflammation, chronic migraines, low thyroid function or losing stubborn weight has led me to understand the power of real food in my current online nutrition coaching business.

On a personal note…

… I love spending quality time with my young family, working in the garden or playing with our farm animals as often as possible.

I have always been obsessed with all things swimming (if the water is warm), so living in Arizona it’s the perfect place for me. I love crafting, laughing and spending time traveling with my family.

A few random facts about me.

  • I met my husband at 14 years old and KNEW we would one day be together. He is my best friend, and my biggest supporter, without him I would not be where I am today. He creates the perfect balance in me. I got my happily ever after, with my cowboy!
  • I grew up a city girl; with high heels, make up and perfect hair. I have since turned “country” with boots, camo and farm animals.
  • You will often find me playing in the mud and walking bare foot, any chance I can get.
  • I danced all through middle school and high school, and even made the varsity dance line my freshman year of high school.
  • I am very spiritual, and spend a great deal of my time worshiping, and serving others.
  • I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and the law of abundance. Our thoughts have matter and eventually become our reality. (What are you telling yourself!?)
  • I co-authored the book Happy Healthy Brain


Why am I so addicted to Customized Nutrition & Systems in the Kitchen anyway?

I believe each person is genetically and metabolically different and our body constantly trying to communicate with us to tell us what it needs to help us naturally restore itself.

When I graduated as a Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2015, I knew immediately I wanted to build an online health coaching and consultation business. I had my third baby in January 2016 and took a year to focus on my family while growing my business slowly.

I fully dove into building and helping client in 2016, I jumped right in… but in 2018 hired a few coaches of my own to help me figure out what I am doing to build online nutrition coaching business.

My Unusually Health and Nutrition Story

You maybe asking yourself how I went from a mom to a Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner to specializing in customized nutrition plans and systems in kitchen for busy moms.

Here’s My Crazy Story…

I didn't realize how one experience with natural medicine versus western medicine at the age of 17 years old with drastically change the course of my life. As I reflect back now, I realize how this one event shaped and molded my entire family.

After struggling with my own low energy flow, unexplained food cravings, weight gain, and anxiety/depression. I knew I needed to find answers for myself…. To make a long story short; after praying to God I knew the right thing for me to do was to go back to school and learn more about nutrition.

To be honest, when I entered the program, I had no desire to have a business or to start a business or even to go back into the work field. I was taking these classes for “personal development”. About half way through the program, I knew with ever fiber of my being that this information I was gaining was meant to be shared and brought to the masses.

I was reluctant and even in the beginning stages of my business often thought about giving up… I am so glad I didn’t!

I am passionate about sharing all the things I have spent years learning about in hopes to help uplift others and help them find the answers I was so desperately searching for. I know this is part of my calling in this life… At my father’s funeral a women came up to me and gently touched my arm and told me "you are a healer, just like your Father". I have spent the last several years living up to that expectation with a willingness to help bring awareness into the lives of others that will allow them to find true healing in their life. Taking a Mind, Body, Soul approach to coaching I have found tremendous success.

Sustainable Wellness Mom is a company that provides education, training, inspiration, coaching.


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So while I am a big fan of step-by-step guides and courses to make things easier, my approach is all about YOU!

Your Family, Your Dream Lifestyle and Your Wellness!

I operate based on a proven system that all boils down to harnessing the power of setting up systems in your home to help make eating clean and healthy, simple, easy and a no-brainer.

Will you allow me the honor of teaching you how you can harness the power of setting up system to help you and your entire family replace the food that you love with a clean healthier option!? (I promise your family won’t even know the difference).

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I am excited to take this journey with you!


Committed to Your Success,

Shannon Hansen


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