What Food Labels Do I Avoid? Part 1

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

“I don’t know what I am look for or where to start…” Have you said this phrase before?  

Most people have a general understanding of nutrition labels and nutrition facts, but don’t understand where to start or which ingredients are the most important to stay away from.

We are continually told, to for “fewer ingredients” or “things you can pronounce”; but what does that really mean?

Most people when reading nutrition labels, look first at the calories and then (maybe) look at the ingredient list. If the calories sound low or within reason they usually put the item in the cart and move along.

However, the first place I recommend starting is actually the serving size, than calories than ingredient list.

Here is why.

Starting with the serving sizes allows you to see if you can and will abide by the correct serving size; usually this is a much smaller amount than you think or what would normally be consumed.

Moving to calories,...

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What to Avoid if You Get Migraines

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2019

What to Avoid if You Get Migraines

Migraine headaches can be terrible. The pain, vision problems (including aura), nausea, etc. can be debilitating; especially if they stick around for hours or even days.

Migraines affect about 15% of adults, so they’re fairly common. When you have hormone imbalances or imbalances in the thyroid this number increases exponentially. 4 out of 5 of my clients experience chronic and debilitating migraines.  And, while the exact cause is not known, there are lots of known triggers. Many foods and drinks are common triggers of migraines. You may have noticed certain foods, and drinks trigger your migraines. Sometimes the migraine comes on within an hour of the food/drink. Other times it may happen several hours, up to a day later. Avoiding these triggers can help.

One of the main ways these foods and drinks trigger migraines is by their action on the blood vessels in the brain. When the brain's blood vessels constrict and then dilate (widen),...

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Salt: The Delicious Health Buster

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2019

Salt: The Delicious Health-Buster (And What to Use Instead)


Yes, there are lots of different kinds of salt: pink, iodized, kosher, sea, etc. They come from salt mines in the ground, or from evaporating the water out of salt water. What they all have in common is that infamous mineral that I’m going to talk about below: sodium.

In food, salt is used for both flavour, and as a preservative. Salt helps to preserve food by drawing out the water that bacteria and mold need to grow. Hence, preserving the food from spoiling as quickly.

Would you be surprised to know that 75% of our salt intake comes not from the salt shaker? It comes from processed foods. Snacks like chips, pretzels and salted nuts are included here. But so are canned foods, pickled foods, boxed foods, deli meats, restaurant food, and fast food.


Salt vs. Sodium

Salt is actually "sodium chloride." It's about 40% sodium and 60% chloride; this means that one teaspoon of salt (5,000 mg) contains about 2,000...

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Mindfulness & Meditation: is it important for your health

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2019

Mindfulness and Meditation...Do They Really Work?

Well...yes, they do really work. The fact is, science shows definite health benefits for people who use mindfulness and meditation.

Before we dive in, let’s just make sure we’re on the same page when we say “mindfulness” and “meditation.”

“Meditation” is the ancient practice of connecting the body and mind to become more self-aware and present. It’s often used to calm the mind, ease stress, and relax the body.

Practicing “mindfulness” is one of the most popular ways to meditate. It’s defined as “paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.”

Mindfulness meditation is well studied in terms of its health benefits. I’m going to talk about a few of them below, and refer to it as “mindfulness” for the rest of the post.

The link between mindfulness and health = stress reduction

Have you heard...

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Natural Ways to Deal With Bloat

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2019

5 Natural Ways to Deal with Bloating

Do you ever feel a bit “overextended” in the belly after a meal? Perhaps “gassy?” Have you ever carried a “food baby?”

Well, bloating is common. Up to 25-30% of people experience it regularly. It happens when you have trouble digesting. The symptoms come from excess gas, reactions to foods, or food not moving through you as well as it could.

There are many reasons you might experience these symptoms. Maybe because of a serious condition (disease), or a food allergy or intolerance (what you eat). It can also result from how you eat.

If you have a serious digestive issue like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis then make sure you eat accordingly to those guidelines set by your physician. Same goes if you know certain foods give you gas. Simply avoid them.

If you’re already doing those things, and still experience bloating, here are some great tips for dealing with it naturally.


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The Stress Mess: How It Messes with Your Health and Thyroid

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

I was recently talking to a doctor, the discussion went something like this.

“Men and women react to chronic stress differently; women’s immune system becomes weakened and ultimately leading autoimmune issues like Hashimotos and yet they still keep going! Men when men reach stress levels like women experience in everyday life, they end up having heart attacks and die.”

Now I don’t know how true or if there is even scientific backing to the statement, I can see some truth in the life of the individuals I work with on a regular basis. The women that come into my office week after week are chronically stressed.

They worry about their kids, their career, their house, their friends, the neighbor, finances, and being enough to everyone and do everything.

We all have some level of stress, right?

It may be temporary (acute), or long-term (chronic).

Acute stress usually won’t mess with your health too much. It is your body’s natural reaction to...

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Gut Brain Connection: How to feed your brain

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2019

  If there was ever a call for "digestive health," this is it! It’s becoming more and more of a pressing issue. In functional medicine we are constantly told to “back it up” and where do we back it up too!?

The gut!

Let’s define the gut; what organs or systems am I talking about when I say “the gut”.

When I refer to the gut or the digestive system I include; the brain, mouth, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small and large intestines.  Now that we have that squared away, my question to you is where does the digestive system begin?

The answer may surprise you, it’s the brain! The brain is super powerful, when we smell food or even thing about food, our brain sends messages to the body to specifically the mouth and stomach to begin creating digestive enzymes. You may notice that your salivary glands begin to work harder, and you may notice more saliva present in your mouth. That is exactly what is supposed to...

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Heartburn - Can I Help It With Food and Lifestyle?

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2019

Heartburn - Can I Help it with Foods and Lifestyle?

You maybe shocked to read this information about heartburn, in the medical and even holistic world we talk about heartburn being caused by stomach acid, and we need to consume antacids to get rid of the burning. (If You are taking or using antacids, you will want to stop immediately, they are causing more heartburn.) Before we dive into the ROOT CAUSE, let’s discuss heartburn.

The odds are that you or someone you know experiences heartburn. Around half of North American adults experience it at least once per month. Somewhere between 10-20% have it at least once per week! Heartburn, also known as reflux, occurs when the strong acid in your stomach creeps up into your esophagus.

It can feel like a burning sensation; hence the name "heartburn." Other common symptoms include bloating, burping, difficulty swallowing, or a sore throat. Often there is a bitter or sour taste as well. Don't get me wrong, stomach acid is good! Stomach...

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How Much Exercise Do You Really Need to Get in Shape?

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2019

How much exercise do you *actually* need to get in shape?

Twenty minutes three times per week? Half-hour per day?

And how much is too much?

Do you need to sweat it out for an hour or more every day?

Let’s go over the (sometimes) mysterious amount of exercise that is ideal. Ideal for your health and wellness. Ideal for getting into shape.

Starting with the minimum.



Of course, you’re going to have to start from where you are right now. If you’re not already exercising regularly, there is no need to go overboard. In fact, trying too much too soon may derail your motivation, and become a reason you just throw in the towel.

So, let’s say you’re not that active (yet). What if I were to recommend “ten to twenty minutes every other day at a level you think you can do?” How does that sound as a starting point?

Pretty do-able, I’d say!

If you’re not training for a competition, you can...

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Multivitamins: Are They A Waste of Money?

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2019

Just yesterday I received a Facebook message, this wasn’t an out of the normal message; in fact, I receive these messages on a regular basis. The question that came in was, “What is the best prenatal vitamin?”

There is no shortage of information on what peoples opinions are about multivitamins, plus you can purchase them at every grocery store, convenient, store and even in bulk at places like Sam’s Club or Costco.

Multivitamins are exactly what they sound like: multiple vitamins. They're supplements that contain several different vitamins in each one. They can also contain several minerals and other ingredients like amino acids or fatty acids. And because there are multiple ingredients, there are low doses of each ingredient.

In fact, they are the most commonly used supplements in the world!

There are 13 vitamins and at least 16 minerals that are essential to health. You need certain amounts of all of these nutrients for optimal health. In fact, nutrient...

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