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"Working with Shannon was the last piece of the puzzle. I have been having health issues for years. I went to several doctors who were each able to fix a part of the problem, but I never felt 100%. Shannon was able to provide the nutrition help that was the last piece of the puzzle. I'm feeling better and have more energy than I have in years. "

April Bernd

"I was lacking motivation and expected the “you can do this mentality” from Shannon however, I found the support, education and tools I needed to stay motivated and get the weight loss results I was looking for, and what I found was encouragement and suggestions and praise for my efforts. It wasn’t like anything I have tried before with all the education and the food substitutes that fit my real life. My favorite part was the video trainings, and private Facebook group to ask questions and receive support in.”"

Cindy Elizando

"“After struggling for years with insomnia, chronic pain, and debilitating headaches and working with doctor and taking over the counter pills; I received the okay from my doctor to look at alternate options. It took me a l long time financially to make the decision to invest in my health but after working with Shannon my pain levels have decreased by over 90% and I sleep so much better. I love how individualized it was and I wasn’t lumped in with everyone else and I was given the strategies to help myself feel better, leaving me feeling empowered to continue making improves to feel even better. "

Joanne Rhittenhouse

"It is so easy with the meals planned and the best part is it does not feel/ sound like a diet. { I didn’t want my girls to be introduced to the ups and downs of diets or feel they have to deprive themselves of food, which I have learned I actually was myself 😳 }. I could not believe I was starving my body and now eating more has helped me lose weight, tone with my workouts and have the energy I lacked. I thought if I want this much I should half it even if it was a banana... then be starving later and by afternoon/ evening I found myself binging because I was so hungry and needed more energy to stay awake for my mom task. I also have learned what to eat in the am and the importance of taking time for a well-balanced breakfast for me, I would push my girls but would be too busy to eat. I could go on, I have to say I have great days... then I have good days, but it helps me having you help me stay accountable while not feeling guilty through the process. Thanks again for all your knowledge and help. It’s helped my whole family."

Shawna Bean

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