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Meal Plan Database Membership

  • Do you struggle with chronic fatigue, regardless of how much sleep you get at night, or even from a short power nap? 
  • Are you overwhelmed and feel anxious most of the time? and feel embarrassed and ashamed that you can't seem to accomplish more? 
  • Are you active and mindful of what you eat, but your pants keep getting tighter and you keep gaining weight? 
  • Does someone ask you a question and you forget what you are saying or the word to a simple thing? Brain fog, much!? 
  • Are you active and devoted and very busy mom, but can't seem to keep up with all the demands of live?
  • Are you menstrual cycles heavy, with severe cramping?
  • Struggling getting "in the mood", with a low sex drive
  • Struggle with constipation, and bloating, and can't find a solution for the discomfort? 
  • Do you know it's time to make dietary changes to help support thyroid and hormone balance

If you answered, YES, to any or all of these questions!

Help is here!

The Meal Plan Database if full of healthy delicious recipes that are quick and easy for thyroid and hormonal support! Filled with recipes the entire family will fall in LOVE with. 

Start Supporting Your Thyroid and Hormones with Whole Foods, That Taste Delicious!

Shannon has been widely known for her cooking abilities and creating fabulous meals for her family that NOT only taste good, but help support her thyroid and hormones. 

Sustainable Wellness is excited about bring you weekly Done-For-You Meal Plans, complete with grocery list and additional notes on substitutions, to help make your live a little bit easier. 

Why the Meal Plan Database?

  1. Building Healthy Delicious Meals that are nutritionally balanced to support the thyroid and hormones is challenging, but critical so that you can say goodbye to heavy periods, miserable cramps.
  2. Understanding the RIGHT food, for your body will help save time and frustration. Using nutrition and food can help you fight against the tight pants, the brain fog, and overwhelming stress you feel on a regular basis.
  3. Support Lifestyle Goals: Finding recipes that support your thyroid, and hormone imbalances like Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos, PCOS can be difficult. Our meal plans are done for you and offer you the easy and tasty way to meet your goals of restoring your body.

Are you ready to use real whole foods that work BEST with your individuality, hormones, and thyroid? Are you ready to spend more of your time doing the things you enjoy, instead of sitting on the couch or in your bed because your body aches and the energy is just not there? The Meal Plan Database can help with that


Sustainable Wellness Mom to the rescue!

Target Your Individual Lifestyle and Nutritional Needs

Using these Done-For-You Meal Plans to help target your specific nutritional needs in relationship to thyroid and hormones whether you are struggling with PCOS, Endometriosis, Hashimoto's or Hypothyroidism, can set the foundation for how your body reacts and responds to the environment around you, causing weight gain, brain fog, hair loss, constipation, and chronic fatigue.

Searching For Natural Ways to Support Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, PCOS or Endometriosis

Looking for ways to naturally support your thyroid and hormones, so that you can regain your energy, stamina, and enjoy life again? Joining the Meal Plan Database allows you to use nutrition to naturally restore the body's hormones, enzymes and metabolic functions directly related to the thyroid and hormones. 



Stop Spending Time Trying To figure it Out on Your Own

Using our Meal Plan Database is a simple and easy way to begin to understand what your body needs nutritionally to begin the restoration process or balancing hormones like T4, T3, Estrogen and Progesterone. 

With monthly training videos and self help documents and tools, this database is packed full of valuable information, tools and resources to best serve you and your nutritional needs. 



It's Not Just About What You Want To Eat... It's About What You Need To Eat!

For a long time, I thought it was meal planning meant making a list of the recipes I want to cook in a given week, and then getting ingredients for those recipes. I’d pick a bunch of random, tasty- sounding recipes and I rarely thought about what I needed to use in the fridge and pantry or what I already had on hand. I ended up with more ingredients and more food, and wasted more.

After struggling with thyroid problems myself, and going to nutrition school; I learned the power of nutrition and using food as medicine to naturally nourish my body. Now I am a mission to help other women struggling with thyroid and hormonal imbalances to use food as medicine and get the most from the most powerful medicine we have access to. FOOD! 

Our Done-For-You Meal Plans are specifically designed to rebalance hormones like T4, T3, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol, and so many more, without you having to give a lot of extra time and energy in learning this for yourself. 

"I love the data base. I did not stick to one set. I picked and chose across several. Having looked at them I loved the way the nutritional information is calculated for the whole day and for each meal. I have not tried many of the breakfast things, but I have loved the salads and even the left overs even though I am not a big fan of left overs. All of the dinners we have done have been quick and delicious. "

Jill Bould

" I am really loving the meal plans so far! I can’t wait for these additions. My family is eating such healthy and delicious foods."

Laura Shoup


The Meal Plan Database is designed to help women struggling with Hashimoto's, Hypothyroidism, PCOS or Endometriosis use real food to begin the thyroid and hormone restoration balance so that they can remove brain fog, anxious feelings, chronic fatigue, and extra weight around the midsection.

Inside the Meal Plan Database you will receive: 

  • Weekly Done-For You Meal Plans: Including weekly menu and grocery list. Two menu plans, one menu for a family of 2 and one menu for a family of 5. 
  • Training our our UNIQUE and proven system , to help you set up your kitchen is a more functional way. 
  • 4+ New Monthly Recipes from areas like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Sweet Treats. (As well, specialty areas like vegetarian/vegan) 
  • Monthly Bonus Training Videos, covering wide topics related to food, thyroid and hormone health and support. 
Gimme The Meal Plan Database

BONUS $565 Value

  1. *BONUS* 4 - Week Step By Step getting started Meal Plan & Grocery List. $300 value
  2. *BONUS* Ultimate Dining Out Guide ebook, full of helpful times for going out to eat. $75 value
  3. *BONUS* Understanding Cravings video training, with downloadable eBook $95 value 
  4. *BONUS* Food & Habits to Boost Energy video training, with downloadable eBook $95 value 

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Training on Establishing a Meal Planning System

Done-For-You Meal Plans & Guides

Database with Recipes

Monthly Trainings Videos

Quarterly Q&A's





Training on Establishing a Meal Planning System

Done-For-You Meal Plans & Guides

Database with Recipes

Monthly Trainings Videos

Quarterly Q&A's


Frequently Asked Questions

The membership allows you access to an entire database full of done-for-you meal plans, recipes, bonus trainings and a in-depth training on our meal planning system. 

yes, absolutely! You can cancel your membership at anytime without penalty. Billing happens on the first of every month, so please cancel before the first of the next month. 

Weekly, you will receive an email with the new and updated menu plan, and access to a database with specialized meal plans. Monthly, you will receive 4 new recipes in the database, that will allow you to customize your own meal plan.

No, one to one or even group coaching is not included in this membership. It's strictly education, if you have questions or comments you are encouraged to use the page to make comments or ask questions. I do answer all the questions promptly. 

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